Rahel Zoller

Title / タイトル by Rahel Zoller

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Title / タイトル by Rahel Zoller is an experimental exploration and illustration of the rules of book design.

Book Arts and Design specialist Rahel Zoller took part in the Kyoto Kinugasa Art Residence program in Japan (Spring 2020). Rahel collaborated with fellow book artist Asami Murakami on this multi-lingual publication that explores the language of book design as a dialogue between two conceptual frameworks, one Japanese and one Western.

When naming the top and the bottom of a book, in Japan the top is called: 天 sky or heaven and the bottom 地 ground or earth whereas in Western publishing, the top is called head and the bottom tail: this originates from the animal skin a book was bound in historically.


Published by Asami Murakami and Rahel Zoller 

This first print run is of 100 with 50 copies available in Japan and 50 in the United Kingdom.

Dimensions: 12.5 x 20 cm
Format: 2 Softcover books, housed in a paper dust jacket.