Sunset Cocktails

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Sunset Cocktails is an invitation to transform contemplation into a sensory experience of assimilation of the world to literally drink the sunset.

Based on Guillaume Aubry’s aesthetic research on the artistic and mystical yet daily figure of the sunset, Sunset Cocktails presents 12 cocktails devised by mixologist Sterling Hudson.

From the dazzling Regulus, whose saffron ice cube spreads its light in the vermouth, to Grand Soir, a political sunset that infuses the charcoal into the vodka.

In a luminous afterword, Ryoko Sekiguchi awakens our senses and our bodies to receive fascination for an aesthetic and gustatory experience.

The circular outline of the sun becomes visible to the naked eye.
The blinding light softens and ceases to burn the pupil.
The heavenly body melts and dilutes its bitterness into a sensorial experience of the world. Astonishment of an esthetic sunset.

Published by JBE Books
Pages: 80
Dimensions: 20 × 12 cm
Format: Hardcover