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Shinto Shrines And Buddhist Temples - Tokyo Artrip

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‘Tokyo Artrip’ is a series of guidebooks about the Japanese capital. Each edition introduces a different theme selected from the perspective of Japanese culture, art, and design. In this edition on shrines and temples, four knowledgeable advisors take you around the city: Tokyo National Museum’s Mai Sarai, architect Katsuya Fukushima, Swedish gardener Tatsumasa Murasame, and the ‘Tokyo Artrip’ editorial team.

Its goal is to introduce the world of shrines and temples through a variety of perspectives, from the architecture and garden design, to the Japanese art and Buddhist statues associated with them and the sense of history each shrine and temple holds.

Published Bss Bijutsu

Pages: 128 
Dimensions: 12 x 20 cm 
Format: Softcover
Language: Japanese/English