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Leeeeeemoji Lucky Dip

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The Leeeeeemoji PASTEL Special

Leeeeeemoji is designed as a lucky dip selection at random. Order one for a fun surprise or collect them all. 

Lucky dip of six figurines:



Family & Friends 

Halo Apollō 



Dimensions:(approx) 4 cm x 3 cm 

In 2016, LeeeeeeToy made their first creation -"大地之子Earthly" inspired by their experimental life in a playful furnace built in their living space – Earth. They develop their artistic interest as they sculpt and produce an all-possible soft vinyl world. Their toys transform your mind while injecting a healthy dose of fun to give you a perfect balance.

Born & based in Hong Kong, Lewa and Lego founded “LeeeeeeToy” in 2016, producing 100% hand-made and hand-crafted art toy collectibles that quickly gained a devoted cult following. From design to product execution to exquisite vintage packaging, LeeeeeeToy’s creations proudly carry on Hong Kong’s glorious 1960s and 1970s legacy as a world-class and globally respected toy manufacturing city.