Waste Yarn Project

PATTI 036 Cardigan


The PATTI Cardigan is a classic, oversized V-neck cardigan with slits in the side seams for a straight, boxy fit, including buttons made from recycled plastic. Waste Yarn Project takes surplus yarn from the fashion industry and puts it into their uniquely designed knit system to produce one off, handmade pieces that embrace randomness with infinite possibilities.

Waste Yarn Project is an initiative that repurposes surplus yarn to create one-of-kind knitwear. These unique knits embrace serendipity, while addressing the impact of the knitwear industry on the environment. Each knit is handmade by artisans and takes approximately 12 hours to make, from start to finish.

Size: Medium, oversized fit. As this knitwear piece is unique it is only available in one size. Knitwear care:  Only wash your knit when necessary & wash inside out Hand wash only  Not suitable for dry cleaning 

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