P.A.M Positive Messages No.1


Brian Close, Francesca Gavin, Biscuit,
Jessie French, Kiki Kudo, Anne Dressen, Alexis Le Tan, Misha Hollenbach,
This Long Century, Peter Sutherland, Dj Prepare, Hayley Morgan, Laima lLeyton, Iggor Cavalera, Ursula K. Le Guin, Emma Kohlmann, Conrad Standish, Anna Tsing, Donna Haraway, Heith, Sanja Grozdanic, Vidal Benjamin, Nick Sethi, Lei Sato, Yatt, Jim Mangan, Dj X æ 69, Haruka Spring, Malcolm Watt, Amanda Maxwell, Martine Syms, Felicia Atkinson, EYE, Andee Frost, Milari
Barker, Chris Kontos, Alexandra Gordienko, Matt Werth, Susumu Mukai, Varg2™, Jina Kayhher, Anna Pogossova, Ruben Brulat

Published by Innen  First Edition Dimensions: 13 x 19 cm Pages: 60 Pages Format: Softcover 

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