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Magical Riso #IV: Octopus

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Magical Riso #IV: Octopus is here. We are excited to announce Hato Press was one of the contributors 'tentacles' in the new edition. Due to the limited print run, we have a very small quantity available! 

It seems that each tentacle of an octopus has an independent brain, yet the animal operates as one entity. This is a useful metaphor to describe the way the Riso community functions. Just like eight independently working tentacles that in the end move in the same direction, the Magical Riso #IV has brought together a group of diverse minds and hard-working talents to show how Riso lovers can work together as a single Magical Octopus, located across the globe, but moving towards the same goal.

Hato Press's contribution takes inspiration from a poem provided. Exploring how the process and movements of the riso machine could be compared to the sea, focusing on erosion, crashing, and swirling. 

The Magical Riso #IV is inspired by the 2016 edition when every participating Riso practitioner was able to impress each other and the general public with their truly unique and stunning working approach. The diversity inspired the initiator Jo Frenken to look into what lies behind this plethora of diverse working and problem-solving methodologies.

Based on Dutch artist and poet Miek Zwamborn’s photographs, poetry, scientific drawings and maps of the Knockvologan (Isle of Mull), a number of great stencil printers were invited to produce prints from the comfort of their own studios. These were then sent to the Jan van Eyck Academie for compiling and assembling purposes, resulting in the Magical Octopus publication. 

With Knockvologan’s biodiversity and the weather-beaten shores of the Atlantic Ocean having confronted and inspired the Riso 2020 participants, the time has come for us to share our experience with you, reflect on the process and celebrate the wilderness that is held by the great Risograph.


Format: Softcover 
Pages: 256
Dimensions: 23 cm x 17 cm