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Couvercle (Glass Lid)

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Couvercle (Glass Lid) in clear glass.  

Couvercle is French for a lid or top. The Couvercle is a small round lid with a rounded knob handle at the top that fits  Great to cover leftover peanuts or that little bit of vinaigrette that you don’t want to throw out.

All glassware is made by hand, therefore may have a slight variation in color, texture, and size between each piece. On the base of each item, you can feel the pontil mark left by the glassblower’s cane. The presence of this mark indicates that the glass was blown freehand.

Hand-blown using only recycled glass.

Dimensions: approx 5cm high and 10cm wide.

La Soufflerie is a non-profit association of glassblowers created by Sébastien and Valentina Nobile. The structure began with the sale of vases dedicated to florists. La Soufflerie now produces a complete range of glassware and lifestyle items.