Jumbo Natural Crayons

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Jumbo Natural Crayons by Copito

Three jumbo natural crayons in different colours. Made using beeswax, soy wax and carnauba wax and their color comes exclusively from plant and earth pigments. Each crayon is unique in its colour and shape and made in small batches carved by hand in the Garraf region of Spain. 

Colours sold separately.
Colours available: 
- Yellow (Italian earth)
- Blue (Indigo)
- Red (red ochre)
- Brown (Olivella earth)
- Green
(indigo + turmeric)

Approx. dimensions: 1-2 cm W x 7 cm W 
Made in Spain.

Care instructions: They will mature and change with time, we recommend you do not store them in direct sunlight as some plant pigments are sensitive to light and can fade over time.

Copito is a project by Clara Infante, a natural dyer and multidisciplinary maker and artist based near Barcelona, Spain.