Il Gioco Delle Favole: The Fable Game

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Il Gioco Delle Favole (The Fable animal Game) by Enzo Mari features card slotted scenes for children and adults to form stories on. 

It’s not a book to read or to leaf through but to make, unmake and build-up: a never-ending adventure, played and invented anew each time by the endless possibilities at hand. The animal and vegetable pieces fit together in Enzo Mari’s inimitably elegant style to make a framework that can stimulate the imagination of old and young. The opportunities are countless and the limits unlimited in an enchanted world that can be brought to life and inhabited alone, with friends or the whole family.

Dimension: 32.0 x 16.0 cm
Languages: Italian, English, Spanish and Japanese texts
Edition: 6th reprint 06/2019