Bruno Munari

I Prelibri

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I Prelibri by Bruno Munari

A - But what do you use a book for?
B - To learn about things or to amuse oneself, in any case to add to one’s knowledge of the world.
A - Oh, I see, it helps to make life more fun.
B - Yes, very often.

The Prebooks (a cult nowadays) is a series of twelve small books ideally dedicated to very young children who have not yet learned how to read or write. These twelve little books (10 x 10 cm) are designed to fit into small hands and come in many different and unusual colours, bindings and materials.

They offer a variety of stimuli, sensations and emotions, raising from perceptions and images: “they should give the sensation that books are indeed objects made like this and that they contain a wide array of surprises. Culture comes out of surprises, which are things that were unknown before” (B. Munari).

Format: Collection of separate 10 x 10 books
28 cm x 39 cm