Fatboy Zine Issue 02


Fatboy Zine Issue 02 focusses on a specific location; the Philippines. Continuing the documentation of Asian food culture, It looks at the rich diversity of Filipino food, highlighting the subtly and chaos through 8 recipes made of opposing flavours (fatty & acidic, sweet & tart). The zine explores how this food culture can be unrepresented, but definitely not undervalued.

Recipes in this issue include the classics Halo-Halo, Lumpia, Leche Flan & Ube Ice Cream.

"Fatboy Zine is a greedy attempt to document a very small part of Asian food."

A diary and cookbook, a visionary showcase of just how naturally food crosses all distances.

Published by Fatboy Zine Dimensions: 21 × 14.8 cm Pages: 28  Format: Softcover  Language: English 

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