EROS Candle

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EROS Candle by CYRE.

'It’s Cleopatra’s palace after the orgy. The spirit of hedonism. An intoxicating mingling of dirty florals, sweet grass and thin smoke. Eros creates a landscape to remove the barriers between ourselves and our corporeal nature, relax inhibitions and broaden sensation.'

Neroli, Bergamot, Vetiver, Birch

Burn time: 60 hrs approx. 
Dimensions: h 10 cm x w 8 cm 

CYRE only formulates with 100% pure rare plant oils.

Each box includes a small poem and care instructions. The glass vessel is hand blown which means that each candle is unique in shape.

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CYRE is a sensory-based brand that explores the hyperreal through scent creation and collaboration. Seeking to transform and balance our surrounds.