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Cooking with Scorsese and Others Sweater

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Celebrating the Cooking with Scorsese collection we have a limited edition sweater inspired by the book series. Iron-cooked ham and cheese sandwiches, cailles en sarcophagi, explosive pissing beef balls; low, high, accessible, obscure, comical – food, like art, is served up in various guises, but whatever form it takes, it shares the common traits of being a stimulant as well as a necessity for living.

Food and art also share a common space at the heart of Hato’s practice. Each day they serve up a communal afternoon meal, creating an opportunity to down tools and enjoy the moment. Now, with this book – a black- and-white trailer for a full colour feature to be published soon – they welcome you to join in this homage to both food, and to films that celebrate eating in all sorts of compelling ways. – Ananda Pellerin, Editor, The Gourmand

100% cotton, black long sleeve jumper
Embroidered white text on front.
Sizes available:  S, M, L, XL