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Cookbook of Possibilities

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Working with the community plays a major role in HATO's brand value's. In 2015 the studio worked with a group of students from Welling School, creating a practical brief that looked into their culture, friends, school and home life. Over 3 weeks the students developed their own publication, through type design, concept, editing and production, resulting in the Cookbook Of Possibilities; a publication that helps them explore and think about their future and how to pursue their creative interests.

During the project the students explored the characteristics of typefaces by designing and baking bread letters; how the bread rises in the oven, grows and bulges outwards manipulating the shapes of the letters. The project ended with a collaborative exhibition; 'Love letter to Typography' in the school gallery as well as the final publication. 

This Publication takes its cue from Parsons Bread Book (1974), an alternative yearbook made up of final year design students' from the New York school's baking experiments.

Co-designed by the students of Welling School and HATO. First published in 2015 by Hato Press.