435 Ponti e Qualche Scorciatoia by David Horvitz

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Wandering is an unwritten manifesto on slowness.
 It is a desired program, dreamed of, different from the ‘dérives’ of the Situationists who used walking to shift the immediate experience of the city, to reinvent a subject. Here walking goes beyond its own purpose of arriving at a destination; it is what we use to sketch the form of the city according to our own breath. Keeping the city standing through our own movement. Does a visitor with only one day in Venice have the time to wander the city? Does the Biennale art-addicted wildlife visit Saint Mark’s Basilica to admire the art there or in the church of Santa Maria Gloriosa dei Frari? Do they have time to listen to stories about Venice and its bells? Since the birth of Venice, time has been measured in a different way: the day started at sunset, the first hour of the day being the first hour after sundown. Today most of the hands on the city’s mechanical clocks no longer work but time can still be measured by the dilated pupils of cats’ eyes. A practice once used by Japanese ninja, or so David Horvitz tells me.

How much time do you need to walk 435 bridges ?
How many shortcuts can you take? Local tourist guides will tell this story and take you to a place where granitas taste of the Adriatic Sea.

Published by JBE BOOKS, 2020 Dimensions: 10 x 15 cm Format: 33 postcards

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