Martino Gamper

100 Chairs in 100 Days and its 100 Ways — Martino Gamper


A recalled dialogue from some time ago:

Martino: I will make 100 chairs

åbäke: What, the same one 100 times?

M: No, they will be different. They’ll be actual size 3D sketching, somehow, you know, instead of drawing on a piece of paper.

å: Sounds great. Do it in 100 days then.

Martino Gamper is an Italian designer celebrated for his reinterpretations of antique furniture and everyday objects, and well known for the iconic project 100 Chairs in 100 Days. He is based in east London, where he works across exhibition, interior and product design.

Author / Editor: Martino Gamper Design: Åbäke Dimensions: W 145 mm x H 240 mm Format: Softcover

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