Sustainability & Environmental Responsibilities

We take the climate and sustainability very seriously at Hato Store, as part of the HATO family we believe in continuing the practice of social and environmental responsibility into every detail and action we take. 

Our studio and printing press are very environmentally friendly and we have taken the same measures at Hato Store to do the same. We believe that being environmentally friendly is not a sales pitch but the only way to operate in our current circumstances. 

Our measures: 

1. The sourcing and buying of items is done with the utmost consideration, we have endeavoured to select locally produced items where we can, from suppliers and brands that have the same ethos and considerations towards the planet that we do. 

2. Packaging for the store is strictly plastic free and bio-degradable, all papers are either FSC certified or recycled. 

3. Coal Drops Yard and the KX development; we have chosen the location of our store with the same mindset, Coal Drops Yard and Lower stable street are part of the wider KX development which employs green energy, actively planting of tree's and greenery to promote wildlife and zero public waste goes to landfill. These are just some of the initiatives, you can find out more here