"The world we live in is governed by cycles. The Earth turns, turning, around the sun – spilling light and warmth, and then selfishly scooping them back up again…"

Written by
Maisie Skidmore

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HATO's Cold Weather Rituals

Cold Weather Rituals
from HATO

Written by
Maisie Skidmore

The world we live in is governed by cycles. The Earth turns, turning, around the sun – spilling light and warmth, and then selfishly scooping them back up again. Ideas are hatched, executed and then reflected upon, artists of all kinds stepping back to review their work. All around us blooms, ripens and rots, laying the foundations for what's to come. Everything, in short, has its season. The shift from late summer to autumn is an especially sweet one. With it arrives an opportunity to rest and restore – to ease into the rituals that feed us, in more ways than one. As the days grow shorter and the temperatures cool, the Hato team have been sharing some of our go-to cold weather rituals – things done, read, watched, worn, listened to and admired at home. The routines we return to with a happy regularity, year on year.

The shift
from late summer to autumn is an especially sweet one.

They differ wildly, of course. Some of us are only too happy to retreat, cancelling plans to hole up indoors with a series we already know every word of. Some light a seasonal scented candle, reorganise an already well-organised collection, or batch cook a beloved recipe, filling the freezer for the darker days to come.

But along with the idiosyncrasies, we discovered a world of common ground that we are all eager to return to by the time October rolls around. We read books. We listen to records. We layer up and hunker down. We argue about how soon is too soon to put up the tree; how high is too high for the thermostat; how many re-watches Seinfeld can withstand. (The answer: always more.)

Home is a happy sanctuary for the more severe seasons – and when we reemerge in the spring, it's with new ideas, new references, new eyes. The rituals, though, remain. Ready for the next roll-out.

Almanac Picks
Hey Matt!
Could you give us an intro to yourself?

Hey I am a graphic designer, working mostly on the digital projects at HATO, for the past two years. Its a really small team so I enjoy getting to work across all stages of the creative process ranging from concept development through to design and production. Similarly there's a fun variety of clients and projects that we get to work on, so I get to learn about topics that focus on things like science, food, architecture and loads more!

I'm currently living in Hackney with friends. Renting in London is a bit of a curse but the location is amazing and having a garden is definitely the best bit.

What are 3 things people
should know about digital design?

Working at HATO was my first 'real' design job so the learning curve was really steep and quite daunting at times! But I think what I enjoy most is how websites can be treated like living things where they constantly adapt so appreciating that they are never fixed. I think I've also learnt a lot about the importance of accessibility and considering who is the website for, understanding their mindset and what do they do on it. Finally also trying to take inspiration from real life experiences or physical objects is helpful, its quite easy to get fixated on specific effects or technical details when focusing too much on referencing other websites.

Who do
you live with?

I live with 3 friends I met studying, Ciaran, Vita and Ollie. They're the best.

Matt wears a knitted cardigan by Waste Yarn Project, who decide colourways by spinning a wheel of yarn.

Spot Radim Pesko's artist print, created as part of the Hato Press Zine Series.

Who cooks
the most?

We have this teeny tiny kitchen which operates a 1 in 1 out policy so we have a nice routine where one person cooks for all 4 of us each evening which is such a nice way for us all to catchup as a house. Vita cooked this courgette pasta the other day that I have found myself dreaming about quite a bit since. We've grown a few courgettes over summer in our garden so that has recently been our staple food.

Can you give
us a courgette recipe?

From the notes I took...you slow cook the courgettes on a low heat with some garlic and season slightly with salt/pepper for about an hour or so. After that you mash them up very slightly and get your pasta ready. Then add some grated parmesan, a bit of chopped up mint, some lemon zest and then combine! Its super easy and a fresh one.

What excites you most
about Autumn?

To be honest each month is hit after hit. September is still warm but a bit fresher than summer and its my birthday, then October for the colours and by November you're in the leadup for christmas so the whole thing is pretty great.

Your top 5
design books?

Mind Walks by Karl Nawrot is a personal favourite, Flight of Fancy by Bruno Munari is one I'm always on the lookout for but I'm resigned to never seeing in real life. I absolutely love the idea and concept behind Raphael's new zine for Zine Series. I learnt loads from Good Services by Lou Downe. And then I loved recently discovering more about the work of artist Pacita Abad.

Enzo Mari's Autoprogettazione, The Cookbook and Raphael Bastide's Zine Series, all pictured.

Featuring Karel Marten's Patterns and Arnold Circus Stool in blue by Martino Gamper.

Favourite and
least favourite part of your house?

Our kitchen brings out the worst in us and the garden sees us at our best.

What film
will you be rewatching when Winter comes around?

There's something about Goodfellas that just has to be watched around Winter time. We watched Taxi Tehran last year which had absolutely nothing to do with Christmas or winter but I'll probably do it again.

What's your
most prized possession?

For my 18th birthday my Nan gave me a little photo album of photographs she had taken throughout me growing up. It was funny seeing all these photos of some of my earliest memories. It has a lot of sentimental value.

Hi Hannah!
Could you tell us a little bit about yourself?

Hey! I'm Hannah, I'm one of the Art Directors at HATO. I focus mainly on photography and photoshoot direction, branding and strategy, but have learnt lots of more technical things in graphic design, artworking and typography since working at HATO, which has really helped me grow as a creative and become an all round InDesign hype girl. Aside from work I'm pretty into ceramics and collecting and selling vintage items, and have a little online brand called Other Peoples Places.

What are 3 things you've
learnt so far in your creative life?

Never cut corners; I learnt this from a designer who used to work at HATO (shout out to Anya), and it's really stuck with me, because if you do, you almost always have to do everything twice.

I really worried when I left uni that I could do a lot, and none of it very well. But the knowledge I had for so many aspects has helped feed into so many different projects and really helped me with a role in Art Direction. As the quote goes, "A jack of all trades is a master of none, but oftentimes better than a master of one."

Sometimes you need time to procrastinate and think, ideas always come, and they can't always be forced. So move onto something else and give your brain a chance to absorb and think.

Tell us
about your home

I live with my boyfriend George and our cat Larry in our rented flat in Camberwell. We've been here for over 4 years now and we really love it. There's a couple things I'd change like some of the furniture it came with, and as with every new build it lacks a little personality with lots of grey and LED downlights etc, but I try to combat that with lots of natural materials – particularly wood. My main design inspiration comes from 70s Californian houses, like Architect Ray Kappe's. I pick up pretty much everything I own from eBay and the occasional bit from Gumtree though, to keep it cheap! With of course some beautiful design pieces from the store, like Enzo Mari's apple and pear prints which take pride of place in the living room.

Hannah wears a knitted jumper by Waste Yarn Project, who decide colourways by spinning a wheel of yarn.

Spot Scott Chan's zine 'Days fall like rain' published by Private Zines.

Do you cook
meals together?

Usually me and George take it in turns because I get too stressed with people around me in the kitchen! I'm not the best at tidying as I go, so he draws the short straw of cleaning the kitchen after. I'm a pretty good cook though I'd say.

Have you
got a favourite recipe?

My go to for Autumn is cutting up every bit of veg we have that's going off and sticking it in a Le Creuset pot in the oven for an hour with some herbs, stock, orzo, butter beans… Whatever we have. Sometimes we get frozen fish and I'll stick that on there too. I don't follow recipes, I just try as I go and adjust until I like it. Plus if it's Autumn you have to serve with a glass of red wine because it's the rules.

What excites you most
about Autumn?

Literally everything. Whilst knowingly sounding cliche, I'm a Taurus, so cosiness, new candles, and early bedtime is my thing. That said, we do like having people round for dinner, and it's always nice to do it around Christmas time to share the love and food.

Your top 5
books for creative inspiration?

JB Blunk. I love making ceramics in my spare time, and always take a peek at this book to remember it's okay for things to feel raw and imperfect.

Daido Moriyama Erotica. I found this book to sell via Other Peoples Places, I'm a big fan of Daido's work and it wasn't a book I had come across before. The depth in his photography is always so beautiful.

Old i-D - Any old i-D magazine! They were such pioneers of their time, I love digging through old copies to step back to the 80's/90's.

Tine Bek: The Vulgarity of Being Three-Dimensional. A beautiful book we've just recently got in the store by Tine Bek, we collaborated with her on a Zine called Komfort Skulptur for the Hato Press Zine Series and it's always been one of my favourites.

The Hato Press Zine Series. To follow on from my last point! Cheating a little as I work on this chatting to artists to get them on board, which I always find so inspiring. We cover so many different artistic talents from illustrators to digital artists and bread makers. New edition drops every month so they're super collectible too.

Featuring fisherman jumper by Xenia Telunts who uses organic materials while practicing low and zero waste pattern cutting techniques.

Hannah has both 'Uno La Mela' and 'Dua La Pere' prints by Enzo Mari hanging in her living room.

Give us your top 5 TV shows
to catch up on this Autumn?

How to With John Wilson

The Office (US… Sorry!!)

The Sopranos

The Rehearsal

And some trash for good measure: MAFS/Kardashians

What records
will you be listening to in the colder months?

I'm enjoying Eddie Chacon's Pleasure Joy and Happiness and RIP Swirl's Blurry at the minute. Both very chill and easy, which is nice for Autumn always, with a bit of Christmassy jazz thrown in.

What's your
most prized possession?

Probably Larry!!!

Hey Tom!
Could you tell us a little bit about yourself?

Hey! I’m Tom and I’m part of the Hato Store team alongside studying English Literature at Goldsmiths University. I left school at 16 to play football full-time with my hometown club Newcastle United and signed professionally two years later. After seven years there, and a brief stint in Austria, I had to retire due to injury. In my writing my focuses are the intersection between language and visual art, developments in rendering subjectivity, and most recently the evolution of the virtual subject in science fiction and postmodern American literature.

Was there any
lessons you learnt from football that you you found applied to your writing?

I learnt a lot of pretty useful life lessons from football, most fundamentally an understanding of how much time you have to be willing to give to a practice if you want to keep improving, but at the same time to be kind to yourself.

This perspective of course applies to almost anything, whether I’m writing or playing music, but these were things I never stopped doing alongside football. I spent my evenings and days off volunteering at the Newbridge Project, an artist-led community in Newcastle, working in the gallery and bookshop where I met some good friends who taught me a great deal creatively.

What are
your top 3: author, book, cover design

Favourite author: Ben Lerner

Favourite book: James Joyce, A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man

Favourite cover design: Bráulio Amado, 2021

Orb light sitting atop Martino Gamper’s Arnold Circus Stool in White.

Xenia Telunts’ Submariner Sweater in Navy.

Where’s home,
and who do you share it with?

I live in Dalston with my partner and two of my closest friends.

What’s your
favourite corner of your flat?

There’s a particularly good spot on our sofa in the corner next to the speakers. It faces back into the room so if you’re reading or working it still feels sociable. I think I’m beginning to leave an indent there.

Give us 3 rituals
to live by this Autumn

Cook and listen to lots of music. Also keep going for walks, runs, bike rides, whatever it is out of doors you get pleasure from during the summer. I’ve found it pretty important to keep these things in my week even as the weather turns, and I get different things out of them depending on the season. Plus it makes the cosier rituals even more enjoyable once you get back to your base. Just make sure you’ve got some good knitwear.

You have
a pretty big record collection. Give us your favourite and most prized

Favourite: Promises - Floating Points, Pharoah Sanders and the London Symphony Orchestra.

Most prized: Arthur Russell – Another Thought

Tom wears Kentaro Okawara’s ‘More Love’ T-Shirt in grey.

Spot some of Tom’s favourite editions from the Hato Press Zine Series amongst Enzo Mari pen holders and Dum Keramik Tumbler.

How are your
Cooking skills?

Pretty breakfast-centric I have to admit. I make a good Shakshuka which will come in handy for the colder mornings on a day off.

If you could
live anywhere in the world, where would it be?

Maybe Barcelona. It has great food, art, and football. I’d also love to live by the sea again.

Your top 5
design pieces at the store?

Dum Keramik plate

Michael Mariott x HATO Bookshelf

Xenia Telunts Submariner Sweater, Navy

Sam Andrew bowl

La Soufflerie Bulb Vase

Hey Fibi!
Can you give us an insight into your life, what's your day-to-day like?

Hi! I am Fibi, I am the art director at HATO. I work mainly on art and cultural projects, exhibitions and brand identities for projects from Hong Kong and London.

I have actually just moved to London from Hong Kong, half a year ago now. I feel every day is a new day for me to learn a new thing about the city, the culture and the people here! Learning a new greeting phrase, picking up slang (like ‘wing it!’) from my co-workers, randomly spotting a toffee apple in a local supermarket… All these are very interesting to me, they become my daily source of pleasure and inspiration.

I have lived and worked in other countries in the past too, and every place is very unique and special to me. I think I really enjoy exploring and studying the world around me. That’s the way I have found to keep me from living an ordinary life. It allows me to continue discovering more about myself, my culture and my identity.

What are the 3 main differences
between living in London and Hong Kong?

For me personally, my work routine has no major differences in either city. Their pace and momentum are quite similar, but there are big differences in the comparison of the living environment.

London is less dense, so you have more personal space. While in Hong Kong you can hear your neighbour’s TV next door, here I live with my partner and we have our own privacy.

Feeling the breeze. Leaving the wider windows open, with a view of a bit of green, bringing the breeze in, but I’m still not used to the hot summer without air-con at home.

What is the carpet flooring all about here? The grey carpet in my current house makes me feel like I’m living in an office space. Never would have imagined that in Hong Kong.

How do you
make your house a home?

I’d define home as a space that shares stories and memories. I definitely think my family home in Hong Kong is the best home in my life: the shelf displaying the first 100m medal I won when I was 14, that small corner I spent day and night drawing in, to prepare a portfolio to apply for my Design degree… It contains so many stories about me. There are constantly new trends in colour and material combinations, designer products, but I think only the objects that are personal really make us feel.

Now I’m on a new journey with my partner, and the new house here is like a blank canvas to us. We are very different, in the things we like, but I would like to start a collection of pieces we like individually, and also things with our collective memories, like a beautiful rock we found when we travelled together. Bit by bit I hope this house can slowly become a home with stories about us.

"I don’t really get that photographic print of Khumbu from the Everest base camp in Nepal hanging on our door but it’s truly meaningful to him."

Arnold Circus Stool in sandstone

What's your ritual
for a cold rainy Saturday morning?

My everyday morning ritual is to have a cup of freshly ground and slowly brewed black coffee. For a cold rainy Saturday morning, I’d light a scented candle, spend some time looking at the plants and flowers at home, listen to the pitter-patter, and rest a bit. That feels like life's simplest pleasure to me.

Give us a go-to
recipe for cold days

Soup is always the best for warming up our souls on cold days. I love the Chinese soup my mum made for our family, especially arrowroot soup. The recipe is actually very simple: First peel and cut arrowroot and ginger into smaller pieces. Blanch the pork ribs with the ginger slices in a large pot with water, on a high heat. Then put the arrowroot, pork ribs, red dates (jujube) and a handful of wolfberries into a slow cooker and allow it to cook for 2-3 hours. It’s a delicious soup that is good for our body.

Who are
your favourite designers/artists?

Designer: Masayoshi Nakajo. Artist: Lawrence Weiner. I find it inspiring to look at their works, their approach to type, letterform, typesetting, the use of colours and graphic shapes within a space.

Give us a full
Hato Store look

Clothing: Submariner Sweater, Natural by Xenia Telunts
Pant: Restful Pant, Black by Xenia Telunts
Sock: Socksss Pink Fudge
Shoe: DYO ALL WHITE by Primury
Accessory: Flux Silver Ring by Onkalo, MIMI Scarf by Waste Yarn Project, Cotton Shopper tote bag by Xenia Telunts

Artist Print Bread As No.1 by Lexie Smith, Yin Yang Duo by Copito

Holy Onion by Motoyuki Daifu, Vase Boudin Bas by La Soufflerie

What's the best song
to listen to whilst you're cooking?

I am now practising my cooking skills as I didn’t cook much until I moved to London. So usually I am very focused on chopping or following Youtube tutorials step by step. Hopefully soon I can be cooking while chilling with some rhythms.

What is your favourite
season of the year?

Summer used to be my favourite but I actually started to like Autumn more now! (I guess it’s because Autumn is quite short in Hong Kong and I didn’t get to experience it the most). Really like the fresh breeze in the morning and the sound of walking on the falling leaves here.

One thing you couldn't leave
Hong Kong without bringing?

The suitcase I bought (I’m still using now) for the first time leaving my home independently as an exchange student at university in the UK. Since then it has travelled to a lot of places with me. Bringing it with me reminds me of the bravery I had to explore a new world outside my home town.

Hey Dave,
how you doing?
First up, give us an insight into your practice

I am a maker focusing on the nature of slow production processes, reimagining materials through traditional printing techniques. Bozoisland creates objects built around tradition that celebrate raw imperfections and remain for a lifetime.

A big influence is Japanese art philosopher Yanagi Sōetsu who said —

“The more an object is used the more beautiful it will become, and the more the user uses an object, the more that object will be loved”

Explain the name

“Once upon a time there was an island. There are numerous stories about this island. Some people say the local delicacy is your favourite cereal. Some people also say that dinosaurs have been spotted on the island shore. Others have said that Bart Simpson once visited flying a giant pear and now a statue of Bart sits in the village square. But believe what you want. It doesn’t matter. We think it sounds like an idyllic place to live.”

What are the
and differences between screenprinting and risograph?

I am trained screen-printer but always try and print on as many different objects and surfaces as possible - it’s all about the process. I don’t have much experience in Risograph printing myself, but I have seen the production in our studio many times. I think both are about problem solving and exciting ways to realise work in a new method.

Dave’s favourite scent in the home: Eros by Cyre candles

Enzo Mari’s iconic 16 Animali and a new pair of Socksss for ideal winter evenings inside

Your love for
toys sees no bounds...
what are your top 5?

Don’t make me choose… but my favourite at the moment is a McDonald’s Happy Meal toy from the 80’s I found in Vancouver flea market in the summer. I also have a collection of my dads insect and alien toys from the 60’s, they are pretty wild.

Do you have
any winter rituals to help us get out of bed in the mornings?

On the weekends as soon as I wake I pretty much get out of bed and usually head downstairs to watch cartoons before anyone else wakes up. I like to put a fresh batch of coffee on to wake my housemates up in the mornings. I am also lucky to have a massive sky light above my bed so I wake up with the sunrise most mornings as I have never closed the blind.

Anything you
like to cook most this time of year?

At the moment it’s big warm sandwiches, I like experimenting in the kitchen and never follow a recipe. I usually end up recreating something I’ve eaten or thought of. My latest was a warm chicken sandwich with homemade pesto mayo, lemon, parmesan and pickles.

What will you be
gifting to your closest circle this Christmas?

I am lucky to be part of Hato Store and have access to iconic design pieces. I think we all need a bit of Enzo Mari in our lives…

A near-full collection of Haeckels in Dave’s bathroom, featuring his daily ritual go-to, Eco Marine Cleanser

Bruno Munari by Kyuryudo: A perfect reference for staying inspired

What’s your soundtrack
for a cold, rainy Sunday?

Any radio Jiro track list on NTS

What does
a perfect winter evening look like to you?

I am big cinema fan. Planning ahead on what movie to watch is key. I am the easiest film critic as I like most things and I can get into any kind of movie genre/ tv show / cartoons. But the worst thing is scrolling trying to choose.

Your top picks
for making your home perfect for darker nights?

Falkland lamp by Bruno Munari (because noone likes downlighting when creating vibes)

Enzo Mari puzzle

Eros Cyre candle

Sam Andrew Nerikomi bowls for Snacks

Troy town mug for matcha tea!