About Us

Hato store was founded in March 2020. It is a concept and lifestyle store based in Coal Drops Yard, London. It forms part of the wider HATO family featuring lifestyle items, books, printed matter, clothing and objects taken from our practice as a design studio and printing press. Inspired by the idea of play, each item has been carefully curated to bring an element of fun and a new way of thinking to each and every guest. The store also features a Risograph machine providing our community both local and global with a tool to be explored and enjoyed collectively, through on-site workshops, consultations and events celebrating the medium of Riso.

You can find out more about the HATO family by clicking through to the Studio or Printing Press

Store Opening Hours: 

Monday - Friday: 11—6:30 pm 

Saturday: 11—7 pm

Sunday: 12—5 pm.

Address: Unit 117, Lower Stable Street, Coal Drops Yard, London, N1C 4DR