SOCKSSS is a Stockholm label that makes high-quality socks from natural materials. Their characterful, richly detailed designs are made with long-lasting materials – and they’re super soft.

SocksssBlue Rosebush Socks£33£22.8

SocksssIt's Blue Socks£18£11.8

SocksssHalf Moon Bay Socks£28£16.8

SocksssRosebush Socks£33£22.8

socksssLunar Eclipse Socks£18£11.8

SocksssSupersonic Socks Sold Out

SocksssRaspberry Socks Sold Out

SocksssPink Fudge Socks£28£16.8

SocksssBubblegum Socks£18£11.8

SocksssEctoplasma Socks£28£16.8

SocksssHacienda Socks£28£16.8

SocksssForget Me Not Socks Sold Out

SocksssForget About It Socks£33£19.8

SocksssApex Socks£33£19.8

SocksssSnow White Socks£18£11.8

SocksssGolden Brown Socks£18£11.8

SocksssSolar Eclipse Socks£18£11.8

SocksssLemon Snow Socks£18£11.8

SocksssIt's Not Blue Socks£18£11.8

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