KERIM SEILER , Kerim In The Sky With Seiler

KERIM SEILER , Kerim In The Sky With Seiler

In the mid-nineties, Kerim Seiler paints Zurich city furnishings on found pieces of fiberboard. Chosen workaday design serves as ready-to-paint object and is protocoled in pictograms. Seiler's paintings dissolve into single elements turning three-dimensional. His work becomes walkable and can be viewed from behind. One stands within the picture, "inside of the outside", so to speak. Perspicuity and practicability lend Seiler's work the claim of social sculpture, without depending on fundamental contentions. Through flexibility and humor, the sculptures emit an integrative quality. The work of Kerim Seiler is always on the road and sometimes the guest of nice people.

A.C. Kupper

Published by Nieves

    96 pgs, 17 × 24 cm, Hardcover, Colour Offset, 2012, 9783905999099

Jackson and I have admired Benjamin's work since we were studying as students. Their catalogue is huge, and always growing; they’ve made books and zines with some of our favourite artists and collaborators, from Himaa and Ken Kagami to Andreas Samuelsson. There’s a sensitivity to the way they put publications together that makes each one a pleasure to spend time with.

Ken, Creative Director

Nieves is an independent publishing house based in Zurich, Switzerland, specialising in artists' books and zines. Its logo, a friendly ghost designed by its founder, graphic designer Benjamin Sommerhalder, captures its playful essence.

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