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Taking its shape from the instantly recognisable form of a bolt head carved in European beechwood, the intuitive twisting action is combined with the Danish Crushgrind™ mechanism for an adjustable size of grain. Suitable for salt, pepper, and a variety of herbs.

Michael is one of our oldest friends. We’ve worked with him since we started Hato Press in 2009, and he’s collaborated with us on so many different projects, from designing fashion showrooms to an exhibition on the history of the Boundary Estate in east London. We share an iterative design process, and a belief that making is a circular journey, not a linear one.

Ken, Creative Director

Michael Marriott is a London-based designer and maker whose practice revolves around an innovative use of everyday materials. His DIY approach to manufacturing techniques and ‘readymades’ results in playful, one-of-a-kind household objects. He is focused primarily on designing furniture, interiors and installations.

Colours available: Black Natural  Dimensions: 70 x 180 mm  Instructions:  To fill - pull off the top, and pour in peppercorns etc. Adjust the size of grind by turning the grey knob on the base.

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