Globe Cushion (Ecru Checkerboard)

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One of Klay's most distinctive designs, Globe Cushion marries fun with function. This artful object is inherently comforting, calling to mind childhood and asking to be cradled. Surprisingly heavy (around 750 grams) it resembles an old-fashioned medicine ball and feels dense and reassuring. An engaging addition as a practical head and body prop to couches, beds, and daybeds, the globe cushion is one of Klay’s signature items.
An ode to enduring design and uncompromising quality, Klay is a homeware and apparel brand from Aotearoa, NZ, that advocates for the dignity and joy provided by investing in considered objects. With profound respect for every step of the making process, each piece is lovingly handcrafted and designed to withstand the rigours of life while bringing joy to your home.

Style: Ecru Checkerboard (Velvet) Dimensions: 30cm high, 28cm side height, 100cm circumference Weight: approx 1 kilogram Handcrafted in New Zealand. Care label included with the cover. Structured and firm, Klay cushions are designed and made with endurance in mind, thanks to the methodical handiwork. Hand-crafted layers (and unparalleled composition) make Klay cushions resilient and comfortable.


The soft, supportive cushion inners are made from repurposed natural-fibre flocking, wadding and batting (a blend that is 80 per cent wool), covered in calico, each is hand-trussed, sculpted and steam-moulded into its final shape. Klay cushion outers are made from cotton and velvet. The cushion outer features an invisible colour-matched zip and can be removed and washed.

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