An ode to enduring design and uncompromising quality, Klay is a homeware and apparel brand from Aotearoa, NZ, that advocates for the dignity and joy provided by investing in considered objects. With profound respect for every step of the making process, each piece is lovingly handcrafted and designed to withstand the rigours of life while bringing joy to your home.

KLAYGlobe Cushion (Ecru Checkerboard) Sold Out

KLAYGlobe Cushion (Ruby Velvet) Sold Out

KLAYGlobe Cushion (Creamy Natural Canvas)£152

KLAYDisc Squab Cushion (Ecru Checkerboard) Sold Out

KLAYDisc Squab Cushion (Ruby Velvet)£112

KLAYDisc Squab Cushion (Natural Canvas)£112

KLAYBolster Cushion (Ecru Checkerboard) Sold Out

KLAYBolster Cushion (Ruby Velvet)£130

KLAYBolster Cushion (Creamy Natural Canvas)£130

KLAYOzu Hat (Light Beige)£85

KLAYPillowcase (Red Stripes) Sold Out

KLAYPillowcase (Blue Stripes)£32

KLAYPillowcase (Yellow Stripes)£32

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