Hato Press is an independent publishing house established in 2009. It produces books, zines and other objects in collaboration with artists; exploring people, play, culture and community in unexpected ways. And, of course, it’s a longstanding part of the HATO family.

Hato PressSELFIE by Ken Kagami£28


Hato PressSELFIE Cap£40


Hato PressSELFIE T-shirt£35

Hato PressCooking With Scorsese: The Cookbook£45

Hato PressCooking with Scorsese: The Collection£28


Hato PressCooking with Scorsese: The Collection T-Shirt£35

Hato PressOUR LIFE BOOK by Kentaro Okawara£45


Hato PressKomfort Skulptur Triptych by Tine Bek£175

Hato PressHato Press Zine Series Bundle: 2022£86

Hato PressNo.39 Tragedy by Polly Brown£9

Hato PressZine Series No.38 McDonald's by Charlie Kwai£9

Hato StoreRadim Pesko Artist Print No.1£75

Hato StoreRadim Pesko Artist Print No.2£75

Hato PressNo.36 DALL-E 2 DREAMS OF HAIKUS by Modem£9

Hato PressNo.35 Join Us by Maria Sakurai£9

Hato PressHOW TO DIY Poster£6

Hato PressNo.33 Some Nights Are Quieter Than Others by Raysa Fontana£9


Hato PressPollination Artist Print No.2£25


Hato PressPollination Artist Print No.1£25

Hato PressFlower Print by Masanao Hirayama£55

Hato PressNo.31 Fungal by Raphaël Bastide£9

Hato PressNo.30 NEO FRIENDS by Maitoparta£9

Hato PressNo.29 Rabbit Duck Turtle by Radim Pesko£9


Hato PressTombola t-shirt by Carl Hjelm£80


Hato PressJojo Moyez t-shirt by Carl Hjelm£80

Hato PressBeware of the Merch t-shirt by Carl Hjelm£80

Hato PressNo.28 The Processss by Lars Bronseth£9

Hato PressNo.27 If We Run Together by Kris Andrew Small Sold Out

Hato PressNo.26 ただいま (Tadaima) by Piccolo & HATO£9

Hato PressNo.25 Bento by Alfred Bramsen£9


Hato PressNo.24 Fiends and Family by Alec McLeish£9

Hato PressNo.23 Quite a Party by Alec Doherty£9

Hato PressNo.21 That's Bananas by Aga Giecko£9

Hato PressYou Urn't This Poster No.3 Sold Out

Hato PressYou Urn't This Poster No.2 Sold Out

Hato PressYou Urn't This Poster No.1 Sold Out

Hato PressNo.20 You Urn't This by Tabitha Weddell£9

Hato PressNo.19 Komfort Skulptur by Tine Bek£9

Hato PressNo.18 Come back, don't come back by LPPL and Abäke£9


Hato PressFragile Sticker set by Andreas Samuelsson£12

Hato PressFragile by Andreas Samuelsson - Poster£20

Hato PressNo.16 Eyes Wide Open by Emma Larsson£9

Hato PressArtist Print by Jordy van den Nieuwendijk£55

Hato PressNo.15 Well Well Well by Jordy van den Nieuwendijk£9

Hato PressNo.14 Lockdown Selfbeing and Wellcare by Wilfrid Wood Sold Out


Hato PressSimultaneous Invention sticker pack by Joey Yu£5


Hato PressPisuken T-Shirt£35


Hato PressTampopo T-Shirt£35


Hato PressItami T-Shirt£35

Hato PressNo.12 Iguana Island by Isabella Cotier Sold Out

Hato PressIsabella Cotier Matchbox£15

Hato PressOru notebook: A5 Sumi Grey£12

Hato PressOru Notebook: A5 Kaki Orange£12

Hato PressChiaozza Print No.4£55

Hato PressChiaozza Print No.5£55

Hato PressChiaozza Print No.3£55

Hato PressChiaozza Print No.2£55

Hato PressChiaozza A4 Print No.1£55

Hato PressArtist Print by Matt de Jong and Orlando Weeks£55

Hato PressNo.11 ABNORMALITIES by Matt de Jong and Orlando Weeks Sold Out

Hato Press'Body' Artist Print by Kelly Anna£55

Hato Press'Lost' Artist Print by Kelly Anna£55

Hato PressNo.10 ReBirth by Kelly Anna£9

Hato PressIf You Need Free Printing Zine£5

Hato PressNo.8 Coloring Book by Himaa£9


Hato PressArtist Print Bread As No.2 by Lexie Smith£55

Hato PressArtist Print Bread As No.1 by Lexie Smith£55

Hato PressNo.6 Bread As by Lexie Smith£9

Hato PressNo.5 D'Après by Mélanie Dautreppe-Liermann£9

Hato PressNo.4 Sometimes I think of our House as a Boat by Nicolas Burrows£9

Hato PressNo.3 Exquisite Plants by Chiaozza£9

Hato PressNo.2 You Say Volvo I say Potato by Michael Marriott£9

Hato PressNo.1 Facetime Love By Kentaro Okawara£9

Hato PressOru notebook: A6 Karashi Mustard£8

Hato PressOru notebook: A5 Tsuki Moon£12

Hato PressOru notebook: A5 Karashi Mustard£12

Hato PressFrame Artist Print by John Booth Sold Out

Hato PressFlower Artist Print by John Booth£55

Hato PressCooking with Scorsese & Others Sweater Sold Out

Hato PressOru Notebook: A5 Yomogi Green£12

Hato PressOru Notebook: A5 Sakura Pink£12


Hato Press10000000 ¥ Artist Print by Masanao Hirayama£55

Hato PressFace Artist Print by Masanao Hirayama Sold Out

Hato PressHolidays£10


Hato PressBlocks Blocks Blocks by Chiaozza£25

Hato PressLiquidity, Data Flows and Dirty Hands£20

Hato PressMarcel and the Sun by Jay Daniel Wright£10


Hato PressHow it is... by Nicolas Burrows£12

Hato PressOpen Books Volumes A – E£35

Hato Press Zine SeriesNo.6 Bread As by Lexie Smith£8

Hato PressOru Notebook: A6 Yomogi Green£8

Hato PressNotepad: Line by HATO£6

Hato PressNotepad: To Do by HATO Sold Out

Hato PressOru notebook: A6 Tsuki Moon£8

Hato PressOru notebook: A6 Kaki Orange£8

Hato PressOru notebook: A6 Sumi Grey£8


Hato PressSome Nights Are Quieter Than Others Postcard Set by Raysa Fontana£12

Hato PressFungal Sticker Set by Raphaël Bastide£10


Hato Store謹賀新年 Lunar New Year T-shirt£35

Hato StoreIn Good Company Sticker Pack by Maria Sakurai£12

Hato StoreIn Good Company Air Freshner£4


Hato StoreIn Good Company Longsleeve T-Shirt£45

Hato PressZine Series No.40 Distant Egghug by Peter McDonald£9

Hato PressArtist Print by Peter McDonald: Orange Egghug£55

Hato PressArtist Print by Peter McDonald: Black Egghug£55

Hato PressArtist Print by Peter McDonald: Pink Egghug£55

Hato PressTeach£8

Hato PressDays fall like rain£9

Hato pressWet Paint, Paper Signs, Hong Kong£9

Hato PressSpirited Away£8

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