Enzo Mari was an Italian industrial designer and artist known for his simple but poetic interpretations of functional objects, including children's puzzles, calendars, and traffic bollards. His clever designs are characterised by their clean, minimal lines, a tactile handling of humble materials and a desire to create beautiful objects for everyone.


Danese MilanoUno La Mela – 1963


Danese MilanoDue La Pera – 1963


Danese MilanoTre, La Mela e la Pera – 1963

Danese MilanoPencil Stand – 1967

Danese MilanoPencil Stand – 1967

Danese MilanoDesktop Calendar – Black

Danese MilanoDue La Pera – 50x70

Danese MilanoUno la Mela – 50 x 70

Enzo MariSee-saw by Enzo Mari
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Danese MilanoDesktop Calendar – White

Enzo MariVentotene Paper Tray + Pencil Holder

Danese MilanoKurili Salad Servers by Enzo Mari

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