Dum Keramik

Ceramic Small Bowl


This stoneware bowl is handcrafted in Malmö, Sweden by Siri Skillgate, and features her typically playful and intuitive design. Each piece is sustainably produced through a process of cutting, rolling and inlaying. 

I love Dum Keramik for its timeless and unapologetic style. Siri’s work has rarely shifted or bent to adhere to trends; it is always a joy to look at and have around you.

Emete, Brand Director

Siri Skillgate is a ceramic artist who works under the moniker Dum Keramik. Her creations are characterised by their idiosyncratic, uneven edges and a whimsical expression that's influenced by their handmade production process. Dum Keramik is based in Malmö, Sweden.

Designed and made in Sweden.  Dimensions (approx): H: 2.5 cm x W: 15cm  *Please note you will receive a random colourway and design in the style chosen.

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