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New Zealand born jewellery designer Lisa Walker, uses a vast range of materials and construction methods. She creates objects that consciously simmer with influences from all aspects of culture and life. This book may be small but packs a punch! Exploring a beautifully put together visual diary of some of Walkers creations. 

“It’s really OK for people to wear odd-looking brooches.
 I don’t always know what I’m doing. I hope it stays like that.”
— Lisa Walker

Author: Lisa Walker
Design: Åbäke
Year: 2017

Weight: 365g
Width: 110 mm
Height: 155 mm

Probably some of the best books on the planet, and we say that as a publisher. We have always loved and respected the work of Dent-De-Leone – their originality and curiosity is second to none.

Emete, Brand Director

Dent-De-Leone is a publishing house that creates art and design books, zines and objects designed by London-based collective, Åbäke. It was co-founded by designers and artists Martino Gamper and Gemma Holt, and Åbäke members Kajsa Ståhl and Maki Suzuki in 2007.

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