Dent-De-Leone is a publishing house that creates art and design books, zines and objects designed by London-based collective, Åbäke. It was co-founded by designers and artists Martino Gamper and Gemma Holt, and Åbäke members Kajsa Ståhl and Maki Suzuki in 2007.

Dent De LeoneEvery Colour By Itself - Francis Upritchard

Dent De LeoneThe Annotated Reader by Ryan Gander and Jonathan P. Watts

Dent De LeoneCups, plates, bowls & sculptures: ceramics 1950–1999 by JB Blunk

Dent De Leone100 Chairs in 100 Days and its 100 Ways — Martino Gamper


Dent De LeoneHarry Thaler's Pressed Chair
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Dent De LeoneThe Arnold Circus Stool - Martino Gamper

Dent De LeoneDiplodoclus — LPPL with Abäke

Dent De LeoneJB BLUNK Edition 3
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Dent De LeonePiccolo Volume 2 — Martino Gamper

Dent De LeoneINNESTO, Rubbing up the wrong tree — Martino Gamper

Dent De LeoneAs Spaces Fold, Companions Meet — Eline McGeorge

Dent De LeoneB-side of Onomatopeic Music — Yuri Suzuki

Dent De LeoneTake as long as you might take, you might take long — Ryan Gander

Dent De LeoneSample Book by Katie Schwab

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