Enzo Mari

16 Animali Puzzle by Enzo Mari, 1957


The iconic 16 Animali is a wooden puzzle ingeniously designed to produce 16 different animal shapes from a single piece of wood with just one continuous cut. These tessellating pieces can be put back together like a puzzle, or can be used as separate components with which to build your own Arcadian composition. First produced by Enzo Mari for Danese Milano in 1957, it marked the start of their long and celebrated collaboration. 

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We have two Italian godfathers in our collection – Enzo Mari one, and Bruno Munari the other. We first came across Mari’s work through our tutor Patrick Lacey, part of design collective Åbäke. We were fascinated by how Mari set out to democratise design, a value we have since adopted into our practice. His key projects Autoprogettazione, Serie della Natura and 16 Animali sum it all up. As a student we could never see them in real life, so it’s a pleasure to be able to sell them at Hato Store.

Emete, Brand Director

Enzo Mari was an Italian industrial designer and artist known for his simple but poetic interpretations of functional objects, including children's puzzles, calendars, and traffic bollards. His clever designs are characterised by their clean, minimal lines, a tactile handling of humble materials and a desire to create beautiful objects for everyone.

Material: Solid oak wood Dimensions: length 38 cm, width 28 cm, height 6 cm Limited edition: silk-screened wood case, oak wood figures Run: 200 pieces per year.

Each puzzle comes with an official Danese Milano authentication and quality control number and date of production. 

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Danese Milano16 Animali Puzzle by Enzo Mari, 1957


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