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With a burn that is 'clean and resinous, woody but not smoky', the MONK candle from Cyre is made from 100% pure rare plant oils and comes in a hand blown, warped glass vessel designed for continued use after the candle has burnt, making each product unique in shape. Included in each box alongside the care instructions is a small poem to set the mood.

Our store manager fell in love with CYRE's dreamy combination of evocative scents and the unique, hand-blown vessels they’re packaged in.

CYRE is a London-based brand that explores memory through scent and collaboration. Its indulgent candles are made from natural oils to create multi-layered sensorial landscapes, traversing the real and unreal, past and present.

Burn time: 60 hrs approx.  Dimensions: 10 cm x 8 cm 

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