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No.9 Café Deco Frieze by Harry Darby & Anna Hodgson

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Zine no.9 in the Hato Press Zine Series 'Café Deco Frieze' by Artists Harry Darby & Anna Hodgson.

Based on paintings for a frieze in a restaurant interior located in Bloomsbury, this zine draws on Virgil's The Georgics, a romantic poem about agriculture. With a playful approach and paying particular homage to Elisabeth Frinks illustrations of The Illiad for colour inspiration, the zine conveys Harry & Anna's connection with the poem and restaurant space. 

Published by Hato Press, London

Printed on Evercopy 80gsm
Pages: 16
Dimensions: 14 cm x 20 cm
Format: Softcover / Saddle stitch binding