Resourcefully made and wilfully DIY. A series of small publications from Hato Press and some of our favourite independent publishers.

Hato PressNo.39 Tragedy by Polly Brown£9.0


Hato PressZine Series Subscription£98.0

InnenTokyo Olympics£18.0

Private ZinesWet Paint, Paper Signs, Hong Kong£9.0


Nieves4333 by Masanao Hirayama£12.0


Private ZinesTeach£8.0

Hato PressNo.1 Facetime Love By Kentaro Okawara£9.0

Hato PressHato Press Zine Series Bundle: 2022£86.0

Hato PressNo.16 Eyes Wide Open by Emma Larsson£9.0

Hato PressNo.33 Some Nights Are Quieter Than Others by Raysa Fontana£9.0

Hato PressNo.31 Fungal by Raphaël Bastide£9.0


Hato PressNo.10 ReBirth by Kelly Anna£9.0

Hato PressNo.11 ABNORMALITIES by Matt de Jong and Orlando Weeks£9.0

Hato PressNo.15 Well Well Well by Jordy van den Nieuwendijk£9.0

Nieves99% Darkness£10.0

Hato PressNo.18 Come back, don't come back by LPPL and Abäke£9.0

Hato PressNo.19 Komfort Skulptur by Tine Bek£9.0

Hato PressNo.2 You Say Volvo I say Potato by Michael Marriott£9.0

Hato PressNo.20 You Urn't This by Tabitha Weddell£9.0

NievesThe Hot Seat£12.0

Hato PressNo.21 That's Bananas by Aga Giecko£9.0

NievesRound Midnight by Caro Niederer£10.0

Private ZinesSpirited Away£8.0

FatBoy ZineFatBoy Zine issue 4£9.0

Hato PressNo.22 Cha Chaan Teng 15:15 by Fibi Kung£9.0

Hato PressNo.23 Quite a Party by Alec Doherty£9.0


Hato PressNo.24 Fiends and Family by Alec McLeish£9.0

Hato PressNo.25 Bento by Alfred Bramsen£9.0

Hato PressNo.26 ただいま (Tadaima) by Piccolo & HATO£9.0

Hato PressNo.27 If We Run Together by Kris Andrew Small£9.0

Hato PressNo.28 The Processss by Lars Bronseth£9.0

NievesMax, Maria, Andi & Co by Stefan Marx£20.0

Hato PressNo.29 Rabbit Duck Turtle by Radim Pesko£9.0

Hato PressNo.3 Exquisite Plants by Chiaozza£9.0

Hato PressNo.30 NEO FRIENDS by Maitoparta£9.0

Hato PressNo.32 Pollination by Juri Han£9.0

Hato PressNo.17 Fragile by Andreas Samuelsson£9.0

Hato PressNo.34 HOW TO DIY by Greater Goods£9.0

NievesThe Inexhaustible Middle£6.0

Hato PressNo.35 Join Us by Maria Sakurai£9.0

Hato PressNo.36 DALL-E 2 DREAMS OF HAIKUS by Modem£9.0

Hato PressNo.37 Breakfast Food for Dinner by Haydée Touitou£9.0

Hato PressNo.4 Sometimes I think of our House as a Boat by Nicolas Burrows£9.0

Hato PressNo.5 D'Après by Mélanie Dautreppe-Liermann£9.0

Hato PressNo.7 Imperfect Perfect Circles by Isabel + Helen£9.0

Hato PressNo.8 Coloring Book by Himaa£9.0

Hato PressNo.9 Café Deco Frieze by Harry Darby & Anna Hodgson£9.0

NievesAutumn/Winter & Spring/Summer by Nigel Peake£20.0

InnenP.A.M Positive Messages No.1£16.0

Innen BooksThe Masks£16.0

InnenWillhelmtown by BERNHARD WILLHELM£10.0

Hato PressNo.13 Simultaneous Invention by Joey Yu£9.0

Hato PressNo.12 Iguana Island by Isabella Cotier£9.0

Hato PressNo.14 Lockdown Selfbeing and Wellcare by Wilfrid Wood£9.0

Hato PressNo.6 Bread As by Lexie Smith£9.0

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