Xenia Telunts is a Moscow-born fashion designer who makes gender-neutral utilitarian clothing with a new point of view. She is based in England, where she uses local manufacturing and low-waste techniques, putting ethics and sustainability front and centre. Her eponymous label was founded in 2017.

Xenia TeluntsMalleable Hat, Checkered Blue

Xenia TeluntsApron Bag, Pink

Xenia TeluntsKoshtan LS T-Shirt, Indigo

Xenia TeluntsKapan T-shirt, White

Xenia TeluntsGathered Cuff Jogger, Pink

Xenia TeluntsFishing Pant, Brown

Xenia TeluntsEvening Cardigan, Natural

Xenia TeluntsFisherman Sweater, Natural


Xenia TeluntsSunday Dress

Xenia TeluntsCotton Shopper

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