Bruno Munari

Supplement To The Italian Dictionary


A classic from Bruno Munari in which he explains the meaning of the characteristic and deeply codified Italian hand gestures, many of which originated in Napoli before spreading to the rest of Italy and in some cases the rest of the world. A thorough dictionary for use by foreigners visiting Italy as a corporeal counterpart and supplement to the Italian dictionary.

Munari is our Italian godfather number two – the first being Enzo Mari. We’re constantly inspired by Munari’s work; it used to be that if we hit a wall, we’d refer to his books. His view of the role and process of design remains at the forefront of today’s design context. He has a playful and intuitive set of values around design and education – one that has nurtured HATO for over a decade. As students it was always hard to source his projects and books, so we’re so happy to sell them here now.

Bruno Munari was a prolific Italian artist, designer and inventor associated with the Futurist, Modernist and Concrete Art movements – and best known for his experimental children's books, foam toys, futuristic light fittings and cube-shaped ashtrays. The idea of play as an essential component to creativity informs much of his work.

Published by Corraini Edizioni Pages: 118 Dimensions: W x  12 cm x H c 16,5 cm Format: Softcover

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