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Riso From Home: Collage Edition - 001

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Riso from home with our new workshop packs. Sent to you in the post the pack contains everything you need to create your own original artist prints. 

Each pack gives you access to a video tutorial that will take you step by step through the process of creating your artworks in layers, with knowledge and tips on colour mixing as well as how to effectively use the materials in your pack for the best results. Once your artwork is complete you'll need to post it to our studio where it will be carefully printed and sent back to you as A3 artist prints x 3 copies. 

This pack consists of collage materials that enable you to create a collage based artwork, you can either recreate the artwork on the front of your kit or use the materials freely for your own design. 

*The pack contains: 

-Collage Materials 

-A4 Paper to experiment with

-A4 Tracing paper x 2

- A4 Munken Lynx 100gsm x 1 

- Return Form 

- A4 Hard-backed Envelope 


You will need: 

- Scissors


-Pens/Pencils/Markers (any mark making tools) 



*Price includes: Workshop pack and access to tutorial, 3 x A3- three colour Risograph prints + Shipment of final pieces back from the studio to your address.