Xenia Telunts

The Snug-Scarf Bucket Hat

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Emulating the spirit of Antarctic expeditions, this hat takes cues from the ingenious adaptations explorers and scientists made to their attire in order to brave the cold. The Snug-Scarf Bucket Hat is made using quilted nylon, sourced in Japan. It features an attached scarf detail which can be wrapped around your neck to add protection

I decided to take a leap and start offering a small selection of Xenia’s clothing at Hato Store in 2021, after seeing her clothes through her agency here in London. Her knitwear really struck a chord with us in terms of its feel and form. It’s made to be worn day in, day out, like a hug from a good friend.

Emete, Brand Director

Xenia Telunts is a Moscow-born fashion designer who makes gender-neutral utilitarian clothing with a new point of view. She is based in England, where she uses local manufacturing and low-waste techniques, putting ethics and sustainability front and centre. Her eponymous label was founded in 2017.

Colour: Dark Grey

Material: 100% Nylon Care: Hand-washing recommended.

Not suitable for tumble drying.

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