Characterful accessories to complete an outfit – from handmade bags and organic socks to sold silver jewellery.

Waste Yarn ProjectTILLY Bottle Bag, Multi

Xenia TeluntsMalleable Hat, Checkered Blue

Xenia TeluntsApron Bag, Pink

Hato PressSelfie Cap, Kids

Ines BressandNo.22 Seau Bag

Ines BressandNo.33 Small Walnut Bag

Ines BressandNo.05 Mini Wave Bag


Hato PressSELFIE Cap

Yume YumeSuki Thong Sandal

Yume YumeSuki Thong Sandal

Yume YumeSuki Thong Sandal

Yume YumeTruck Slide

SocksssRosebush Socks

Waste Yarn ProjectBOO Crochet Bag


Yume YumeHiking Sandal


Yume YumeTruck Slide

Xenia TeluntsCotton Shopper

SocksssForget Me Not Socks

SocksssForget About It Socks

SocksssSnow White Socks

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