Botany Bay / GPS 26’ 3”E Candle

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Botany Bay / GPS 26’ 3”E Candle by Haeckels 
Ingredients were picked on 1st August 2014, a cloudy day.

This soy wax candle evokes the scent of rain as it hits the chalk cliffs, a fresh and clear fragrance coming off the rock and giving way to the scent of cliff grasses, annual sea-blite and sea orache.

Burn time: approx 40 hours
Notes: Top: light, elegant, citrus
Heart: fresh ozone
Base: subtle green floral

Packaging: Mycelium is the root system of mushrooms (fungi) and is usually found underground. Within the packaging, the Mycelium intertwines with agricultural waste such as sawdust, flax and hemp husks and are left to grow into a mould for a period of time. After use, it can be reused, composted or planted in your garden to improve soil quality.

Seed Paper: The seed paper is made from recycled paper pulp mixed with wild flower seeds. For the green-fingered, place the paper on top of a pot of compost and water well. 

Margate-based brand Haeckels exists as an amplifier of the natural world and as a community problem solver.