Evocative fragrances and scented candles by a collection of independent creators.

CyreVIRGIN Candle£88

CyreEROS Candle£69

CyreMONK Candle£69

HaeckelsSt John’s Cemetery / GPS 22’ 41”E Candle£58

HaeckelsBog Myrtle Incense Cones£18


HaeckelsDreamland GPS 23’ 5”N Candle£58

HaeckelsWild Fennel Incense Cones£18


HaeckelsRichborough GPS 19’ 51”E Candle£58


HaeckelsWalpole GPS 23’ 34”N Candle£58

HaeckelsActon’s Lock Candle£55

CopitoColour Block Trio£36£21.6

CopitoZigZag Candle£18

CopitoYin Yang Duo Sold Out

Piera BochnerStar Fruit Candle 4£45

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