Botanical Crayon set


A set of 10 Botanical Crayons made in small batches by hand in the Garraf region of Spain, meaning each crayon is unique in shape, size, and colour. Up to 40% of the pigment used is foraged and processed by Clara somewhere between the Pyrenees and her home in the Garraf. They come with a roll-up canvas case and a small card with batch number and explanation on which plants and minerals were used to produce their colour.

Copito is a project by artist, natural dyer and multidisciplinary maker Clara Infante, who is based near Barcelona, Spain. Her work is defined by a slow and thoughtful approach to hand-making.

Made using beeswax, carnauba wax, soy wax and natural plant and mineral pigments.  Care instructions: The pigments used in the crayons are light sensitive and will change over time. Please store them in a cool and dark place when not using them to help preserve their depth of colour.  The botanical crayons do break (as all crayons do) so handle with care. You can melt them down using a “Bain Marie” and pouring them into a silicone mould.

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