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Hato Press Zine Series Bundle: 2022


A collection of all 12 zines featured in the Hato Press Zine Series from 2022 in one bundle. 

The bundle is designed and wrapped in an A3 riso printed poster including an overview of each zine with images and text. 

Artists in the bundle include:
Alfred Bramsen
Alec McLeish
Piccolo & HATO 
Kris Andrew Small 
Lars Bronseth 
Radim Pesko 
Maito Parta 
Raphael Bastide 
Juri Han 
Raysa Fontana 
Greater Goods 
Maria Sakurai  

The Hato Press Zine Series explores various artists, makers & illustrators through the medium of Riso. Hato Press publishes a zine every month featuring a wide range of artists and illustrators, forming a series of collectible publications.

It goes without saying that we treasure our family member Hato Press' projects, and love to champion the artists and collaborators they work with. We are one and the same… but also not.

Emete, Brand Director

Hato Press is an independent publishing house established in 2009. It produces books, zines and other objects in collaboration with artists; exploring people, play, culture and community in unexpected ways. And, of course, it’s a longstanding part of the HATO family.

Each Zine is published by Hato Press, London Printed on 80gsm Evercolour Pages: 16 Dimensions: 14 cm x 20 cm Format: Softcover / Saddle stitch binding 

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