Rio Kobayashi

Hand Soap, S


A collaboration between Rio Kabyashi and Walde seife in 2023 for LDF. A beautifully crafted and scented hand soap from the designers show Manus Manum Lavat which translates from Latin as 'One hand washes the other' alluding to the collaborative nature of the pieces made for the show. 

Kobayashi is a long term friend of the Walde family who run the oldest running soap factory in Austria, now in its 8th generation. 

This is the smaller of the two soaps, available in an L and S. 

Rio Kobayashi is a maker and designer based in London. Before setting up his own studio and workshop he worked with international design studios in Milan, Berlin, Innsbruck and Paris. Working with hands and creating runs in Rio Kobayashi’s family. Encouraged at home, Rio's works can be interpreted as an exploration of his identity. They convey the complexity of his Asian and European heritage and thus have a narrative inspired by cultural experiences, colour, art, natural elements and animals

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Rio KobayashiHand Soap, L

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Rio KobayashiHand Soap, L

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