Foix Round Tray


A rigid stainless steel tray which contradicts itself through unpredictable and organic forms. Perfect as a fruit tray, piece of serveware or simply placed on a coffee table with decorative objects. The Foix is a versatile statement piece for any home. 

Named after the poet Josel Vicenc Foix and designed by Catalan architect Lluîs Clotet. 

The products Alessi made were some of the first design items I came across when I was still at primary school and probably many of us growing up in the 90's. Interacting with them widened my perspective to how playful everyday objects and interactions could become, they showed me a new way to approach life not only design, to find the beauty in the smallest details and to create moments of joy through the smallest touch points. This is something we are still students of at HATO and still pursue.

Ken, Co-founder & Creative Director

Alessi is a design house based in Italy, it has been responsible for some of the most iconic objects found around the home and office since the early 20's. It has collaborated with various designers from practices ranging from architecture to product engineers. Alessi's ability to merge the fun with the practical gives its objects lasting charm and sentiment that we love.

Round stainless steel tray.

Diameter (inch): 17.33"

Height (inch): 1.18"

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