キャンプ - Family House Mug


キャンプ - Family House Mug 

DAISAK is a ceramic artist based in Kyoto, Japan. The collection of home and tableware features ceramic figurines and nostalgic imagery from childhood that beautifully resonates with Japanese Western-style Café's. 

Our creative director came across Daisak’s work after seeing it in a couple of galleries in Japan, and felt a really strong affinity for it. His works capture a very playful contemporary take on a mid-80s meeting of Western and Japanese cultures, giving them a timeless quality.

Daisak is a Kyoto-based ceramic artist making whimsical, retro-inspired objects and figurines. His work borrows nostalgic imagery from childhood, and references Japan’s Western-style cafés and cuisine.

Dimensions: 8 x 8 cm  Each piece is hand signed by Daisak  Made in Japan. 

Care: Enjoy Daily, Hand wash Only. 

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