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Zine Series No.41 Jogging with Shopping by Shahram Saadat


A joyful skewering of contemporary society’s obsession with maximising our time – and with wellness, Wholefoods and the personal brand. Created in the image of the Hollywood paparazzi-style shot, photographer Shahram Saadat’s tongue-in-cheek photo series evokes the young professional, living in a quickly gentrifying area and pausing to pick up dinner mid-way through a morning workout. Their air is unstudied; their image thoughtfully refined. That the documentary-style series was actually street-cast, styled and staged in spite of appearances is only too appropriate.


Shahram Saadat is a British-Iranian photographer based in London. His practice is inspired by human idiosyncrasies; he channels the erratic spontaneity of documentary-style photography into staged scenes, underpinned by conceptual thinking. Shahram is also the founder of Duende, an experimental publishing house and non-profit gallery showcasing emerging talent from its community of image-makers, sculptors, designers and writers, and engaging with local communities to provide educational workshops. Duende was founded in 2015.

Complimenting the designers and objects we work with in the store with our own publishing and projects is a joy. The relationship between our own work and our selection of product continues to change and evolve, it is a journey.

Emete, Brand Director

Hato Press is an independent publishing house established in 2009. It produces books, zines and other objects in collaboration with artists; exploring people, play, culture and community in unexpected ways. And, of course, it’s a longstanding part of the HATO family.

Published by Hato Press

Printed on 80gsm

Ever colour Pages: 16

Orientation: Portrait

Dimensions: 14 cm x 20 cm

Format: Softcover / Saddle-stitch binding

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