Miwa Ito

Cartoon Hand


Glass Cartoon Peace Hand by glassware artist Miwa Ito in orange


Our creative director Ken came across Miwa Ito’s work on Instagram and instantly shared it with the store team. We connected with Miwa over her playful and expressive approach to craft, something that is at the core of how we source and select our pieces.

Miwa Ito is a glassblowing artist from Osaka, Japan. Ito’s highly tactile glass objects in enchanting hues are inspired by pop culture and her childhood memories of cartoons, movies and toys.

Dimensions H5cm x W6cm

Each object is handmade by the artist, any slight imperfections are purposeful.

Miwa Ito is currently in residence at the GGG glass blowing Studio in Osaka Japan,

Miwa's practice is based on childhood memories and experiences, spellbound by cartoons, movies, and toys whilst paying homage to pop culture. 

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Miwa ItoPeace Hand Sold Out

Miwa ItoPeace Hand Sold Out

Miwa ItoPeace Hand Sold Out

Miwa ItoCartoon Hand Sold Out

Miwa ItoCartoon Hand Sold Out

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