52 Fridays — Léonore Emond, Damien Duparc, Yaïr Barelli and Charlotte York


The Magnifique Avventure began in 2012, when åbäke and Yaïr Barelli offered a week-long workshop in an art school: “come with a passport, a sleeping bag, a book, clothes for the week and enough money to eat as well as whatever you want as long as you can carry it alone… and most importantly, with the intention of answering the question: what is an adventure? » The participants meet on Monday morning, they draw up a list of individual wishes to achieve them collectively, staying together throughout the week, 24 hours a day. A warning is issued: lack of total commitment to this workshop will be punished by boredom and the inability to be satisfied. The unique experience will be repeated for seven years before continuing outside of school until… the end.

After having walked in a straight line to find themselves at the starting point, lived behind closed doors in Frankenstein's house, taken a boat from Geneva to Marseille, found the lost paradise or begged for what they already had, the Avventurières and Avventuriers of 2020 wrote this work, weekly, in order to tell real fictions past, present and future, all things considered and with the respect due to those concerned.

Probably some of the best books on the planet, and we say that as a publisher. We have always loved and respected the work of Dent-De-Leone – their originality and curiosity is second to none.

Emete, Brand Director

Dent-De-Leone is a publishing house that creates art and design books, zines and objects designed by London-based collective, Åbäke. It was co-founded by designers and artists Martino Gamper and Gemma Holt, and Åbäke members Kajsa Ståhl and Maki Suzuki in 2007.

Authors: Léonore Emond, Damien Duparc, Yaïr Barelli and Charlotte York Pages: 224 Dimensions: 11.5 x 18 cm Format: Softcover, embossed and dust jacket

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