Birthday Candle Set

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Zigzag Birthday Candle Set by Copito 

Set of 10 Birthday candles 

Birthday candle set made with 100% beeswax candles, handipped in the Garraf region of Spain. The color of the beeswax is made with madder root extract and make each candle by hand.

Dimensions: Each birthday candle is approx 5 mm w x  8 cm tall.

Burn time: approx 45 mins.

As they are made by hand slight variations in shape and size might occur.


Care instructions: The pigments used in the wax is light-sensitive and will change over time. Please store them in a cool and dark place when not using them to help preserve their depth of colour. Please practice fire safety, do not let candles burn unattended.

Copito is a project by Clara Infante, a natural dyer and multidisciplinary maker and artist based near Barcelona, Spain.